Wow Your Audience with These 10 Incredible Presentation Ideas

Wow Your Audience with These 10 Incredible Presentation Ideas

Anytime you want to get a point across to your clients, prospects or employees, it can help to create a presentation. Presentations often include slides and other visual content designed to complement a spoken message. You can use them to pitch a new product or service, show your team how to complete a specific task or introduce a new initiative across your organization.

Presentation Ideas

Regardless of your actual message, it’s essential that you find some compelling way to get your message across. Here are some creative presentation ideas that you can use to make your next client pitch or team meeting really stand out.

Storytelling Presentation

Instead of simply sharing a bunch of facts that your audience may have a hard time making sense of, create a story that demonstrates the impact of those facts. It could be a story from your actual life or business, or one you create to get your point across. Share a bit about the characters in your story so the people in your audience can relate to them.

For example, if you’re presenting to clients, don’t just tell them about the problems that your product or service solves — actually take them through the experience of a customer who experienced that issue. Tell them about the day-to-day of living with that problem and then detail exactly how your product or service changes the experience.

Musical Presentation

If you want your customers, employees or peers to really remember your presentation, try setting it to music. A catchy tune could really help your presentation stand out and help people remember the important parts. This may require some musical talent, but there are plenty of tools out there to help you compose a tune and record it so you can play it during your presentation. Or if you play any instruments, you could actually perform your presentation live.

Video Presentation

Instead of your basic slide presentation, you could share both visuals and audio content in the form of a video. You can have a video play in the background as you speak, or you could play it at the beginning of your presentations and then speak afterward.

Photo-Only Presentation

If you do prefer using slides, consider taking the text out entirely. This could be especially useful for those who are prone to reading slides word-for-word. Instead, keep your notes on small cards that you can refer to throughout the presentation and just share photos in your slides that refer to what you’re speaking about. This gives them some context without distracting them from what you’re saying.

Immersive Presentation

Your audience doesn’t have to just sit and watch your presentation — you can actually get them involved. This may work best with members of your team or smaller groups, but you could also choose to get a few members of a larger audience involved as well. Give each person a part to play and then set the scene for your presentation before guiding them through a situation relating to your product, service or new initiative for your business.

Question Presentation

Asking questions to your clients or prospects can help you really get to know them so you can better sell to them. So why not add that element to your presentations as well? You could create a presentation that is customizable based on their responses. Ask questions periodically throughout the experience so they stay involved, and then shift your content from that point on based on what they have to say.

Demonstrative Presentation

If you’re attempting to sell a product or show your team a new type of business tool, it could help to share an actual hands-on demonstration rather than just showing slides. For bigger groups, you may simply use the product or tool yourself and project your screen so everyone can see. Or for smaller groups, you could have everyone actually try using the product themselves so you can work with them individually and answer any questions they might have.

Humorous Presentation

Humor is a great way to relate to people and make them remember your presentation. You should carefully consider your brand before making this choice, since some clients may find this type of presentation a bit unprofessional. However, if you target a laid back crowd or are speaking directly to your team, it could be useful to share some jokes throughout the presentation or create a funny fake situation that still shows off your product in a fun and lighthearted way.

Animated Presentation

Instead of using a video that’s shot live, use an animation tool to show your product in use or demonstrate a new business practice for your team. This can be especially useful if you want to show people in situations that may be hard to film in real life, like a product life cycle that lasts for decades.

Prop Presentations

Or you could just ditch the slide or video equipment altogether and do something a bit more low tech. But it can still help to have some kind of visual aides. So you could instead invest in some basic props to use throughout the presentation to help get your point across.

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