How are Influence Marketers Changing the Hotel Industry?

The Benefits of Influence Marketing for Hotels

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most successful ways to increase awareness about a business. With Google now showing third party hotel reviews, hoteliers need to keep pace with digital marketing trends to remain competitive, including influencer marketing.

The hotel industry is benefiting greatly from using influencers in marketing campaigns, particularly among younger travellers, who can be significantly influenced on where they plan their trip based on someone else’s vacation social media posts and photos.

Ard na Sidhe Country House, a luxury hotel in Kerry, Ireland, has compiled a new infographic exploring how influencer marketing is impacting the hotel industry.

Influence Marketing for Hotels

The infographic highlights the scale of how people use the internet for hotel and travel purposes, stating how more than 80 percent of consumers use social media and content sharing sites for leisure and travel inspiration.

Seventy-eight percent of travelers are influenced by recommendations by people they know when making travel choices, and 63 percent were influenced by “consumer opinions posted online.”

The infographic cites a study by Rhythm One, which found that for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, $2.26 in earned media value was returned.

The research also pinpoints the benefits of influencer marketing for hotel owners. As well as creating authentic content about hotel and leisure brands and driving engagement about a brand, influencer marketing also drives traffic to a hotel’s website or landing pages.

The infographic provides insights on influencer marketing strategies for hotels. One key strategy savvy hoteliers are implementing is to discover influencers and their key metrics, including their social platform of choice, the number of followers they have, and the level of engagement.

To join the hotel brands that are successful utilizing influencer marketing, hotel owners should also think about the brand alignment and audience of the influencer and ensure they match their hotel’s own personality and brand.

Take a look at the full influencer marketing for hotels infographic below.

The Benefits of Influence Marketing for Hotels

Image: Ard na Sidhe Country House

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  1. Influencers are changing the industry. They tend to share concept lodging more than the ordinary hotels. In effect, more people visit these places.