50 Facebook Giveaway Ideas for Your Small Business

50 Facebook Giveaway Ideas for Your Small Business

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) giveaways can be a great way to build your audience and create some engagement on social media. But before you plan your next Facebook giveaway, it’s important to put some real thought to the best types of prizes you can offer.

There’s no shortage of ideas out there. Here are 50 Facebook giveaway ideas you can use to grow your brand online.

Facebook Giveaway Ideas

New Product

The most straightforward type of Facebook giveaway is to simply offer one of your products for free. Bonus points if you’ve just released a new one and can use a giveaway to build some buzz.

Product Discount

If you offer larger products or a variety of different items, you could also offer a discount of a significant dollar amount off the winner’s next purchase.

Gift Card

Gift cards also offer a simple way for you to reward customers and drum up some future business.

Coupon Code

Or if you run an eCommerce store, you can offer a simple coupon code to give the winner or winners a percentage off their next purchase. This also makes it easier for you to run a contest with multiple winners.

Free Gift with Purchase

Additionally, you can encourage future purchases by offering an extra gift to go along with a customer’s next purchase. You can offer a code to the winners allowing them to enter at checkout in order to receive their prize, or give them printable certificates they can present to you in store.

Customized Product

You can make your prize even more personal to the winner by offering customized products. For instance, if you have a fashion brand, you could offer monogrammed items or even let customers choose their own colors and other style elements.

Themed Gift Bundle

Or you could put together a bundle of different products to go with some kind of theme. For example, you could celebrate the beginning of summer by offering a free swimsuit, barbecue gear and some similar items all gathered in a beach bag or cooler.

A Year’s Worth of Products

If you have a restaurant or similar business where people might visit or purchase from on an ongoing basis, you could offer a year’s worth of products to the winner. This could be something like one pizza a week or one coffee per day for the whole year.

Shopping Spree

For retail businesses, you could also offer a shopping spree where the winner could visit and fill up an entire cart or gift basket with the items of their choice.

Free Service

Service based businesses can also run successful Facebook giveaways. If you have an auto repair shop, you can give away a free oil change. If you’re a hair stylist, you can give away one free cut and color. Or you can come up with another creative way to package your services.

Upgraded Service

Or you could offer an upgrade to people who purchase base level services. So instead of simply offering a free haircut, you could offer free makeup services to contest winners who purchase hair services.

Branded Merchandise

Instead of giving away your actual products, you could also give away some smaller items that simply include your company’s branding. You can get simple items like mugs, bags or shirts printed with your logo and just use them as supplemental prizes for fun giveaways on your page.

Free eBook

You can also give away digital products like ebooks or online guides fairly easily, especially if it’s a book you wrote or one that is especially relevant to your followers.

Prize Sharing

There’s no rule saying that you can only give away one prize per contest. In fact, in some cases it can be even more effective to give away a prize to a winner and someone they nominate. For example, you can host a Mother’s Day giveaway where you can offer a spa treatment for both mother and daughter.

Partner Products

Or you could give away products that aren’t from your business, but from other businesses you partner with. For example, if you have a local kids’ clothing store, you could partner with a local toy store that shares roughly the same target audience and give away some of their products to widen the audiences of both businesses.

Supplementary Service

You could also give away a service of some kind that coincides with your product line or target audience. So if you have a store that sells wedding dresses or suits, you could give away a free alteration that’s likely to appeal to your customers.

Surprise Prize

Everyone loves a good surprise. So you could host a fun giveaway where you offer a prize without actually telling people what it is. Just make sure you give them some kind of teaser or idea, like what the product is roughly worth. You don’t want someone expecting a new smartphone and then receiving a tote bag instead.

Travel Getaway

Or you could give away fun experiences like travel instead of focusing on products or services. Find an affordable way to offer up a unique getaway to one lucky winner. And if you can find a way to actually relate it to your business, so much the better.

Travel and Prize Pack

You could even offer a getaway in addition to some products. For example, if you own a sporting goods store, you could put together a pack of hiking and rock climbing equipment and then offer it along with a trip to the mountains.

Dinner and a Movie

You could also offer experiences on a smaller scale. Gift cards for dinner and a movie make for a great crowd pleasing option, especially for local businesses.

Museum Tickets

Or you could offer tickets to a museum or other educational local attraction, especially if you can do this in conjunction with a trivia contest on Facebook so that the prize is actually relevant to the winner.

Spa Packages

And everyone loves a great relaxing spa experience. So you could give away a treatment or gift card to a local spa or salon as part of a giveaway.

Local Experiences

You could also give away other fun local experiences to appeal to customers in your area. Examples might include concert tickets, sporting events, admission to fairs or similar attractions.

Local Gift Basket

Or you could put together a gift basket full of local products to appeal to customers in your area.

Product Naming Rights

Sometimes all you need to offer your Facebook fans is some public recognition. For example, you might host a product naming contest on Facebook. Then you can recognize the person who offers the best suggestion by recognizing the person on your page and using his or her name choice.

Free Publicity

For B2B businesses, you can also give away free publicity as a prize. Feature the winning business or entrepreneur on your website, blog or in an email newsletter.

Cover Photo Feature

You can even use your Facebook page itself as a way to promote giveaway winners. Feature the winner in your cover photo for a week or month as a way of recognizing them and giving them some free publicity.

Social Shoutout

Or you could give the winner a shout out in a separate post or on one of your other social accounts like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Chance to Share Your Experience

Also for B2B businesses, you could offer giveaway entrants the chance to share their experience as a guest blogger, public speaker, podcast guest or in another format.

eBook Feature

You could even give others the chance to write an excerpt in an ebook or other large project if that’s something you’re working on at the time.

Model Opportunity

You can offer your followers the opportunity to be featured in your ads or social media posts. To do this, you can either invite the winner to a photo/video shoot or ask people to submit photos and then feature your favorites in marketing materials.

Event Invites

If your business hosts or sponsors any fun events of interest to your Facebook fans, you could offer tickets up as prizes in your Facebook giveaways.

Personalized Advice

For businesses like consultants, you could offer some personalized advice or a one-on-one chat session to giveaway winners.

VIP Treatment

You could also give away a special experience to customers. For example, if you own a restaurant, you could give away a custom-made meal and let winners sit at a special “chef’s table” by the kitchen.

Celebrity/Influencer Meetings

If your business partners with any local celebrities or influencers in your industry, you could also potentially partner with them as part of a giveaway. You could host a meet and greet or offer some kind of photo opportunity with someone who your Facebook fans would love to meet.

Product Testing Opportunities

If you’re coming out with a new product line, you could use Facebook giveaways as a way to find product testers. Offer the new products before they’re available for purchase as an exclusive opportunity. And give participants the opportunity to offer their input as well.

Beta Invites

Likewise, if your business creates software or any online platforms, you could give away invites for beta testers if you have a significant following who would like the opportunity.

Holiday Gifts

Around holidays, you can offer special holiday themed gifts as giveaway prizes.

Seasonal Gift Packages

You can also offer more seasonal offerings if you have any special edition products. For example, breweries could put together a package of fall flavors to give away at the start of the season.

Customizable Shirts

T-shirts offer an easy way for you to customize products with different designs. If you’re an artist or visual designer, you could offer customizable designs on t-shirts as an affordable way of giving your designs away for free.

Free Business Services

For B2B businesses, you could also offer business services like bookkeeping, social media management or PR services for a set period of time.

Online Course Access

If you’ve created any online courses, you could also use those as prizes for Facebook giveaways. Just offer course access to the winner or winners.

Free Classes

Or if you offer any in-person classes, you could also offer admission to those classes as a giveaway prize.

Training Sessions

You can also offer one-on-one tutoring or training sessions to give a more personalized experience for giveaway winners.

Pay a Bill

The giveaway prizes you offer don’t always have to be specific to your business. Sometimes you can offer something that simply helps your Facebook followers save some money on everyday expenses, like paying a monthly bill of their choice.

Free Gas

Gas is another somewhat burdensome expense for a lot of consumers. So giving away gas cards or certificates can be an attractive offer for Facebook followers.


If your business offers any products or services on a subscription basis, or if you partner with any businesses that do, you could also make this another great giveaway offering.

Donate to Charity

You can also use Facebook giveaways as an opportunity to support some great causes. Offer up a specific donation amount and then let your giveaway winners choose the charity organizations that they want those dollars to support.

Popular Gadgets

While it might not be a great idea to regularly offer up generic giveaway prizes, you can do so on occasion as long as your giveaway only targets your relevant followers. And popular gadgets like smartphones or tablets can make for great prizes.


Additionally, sometimes it’s enough just to give away monetary prizes. Again, this doesn’t always make for the most relevant prize. But it’s certainly something that’s going to appeal to just about any audience.

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