Facebook Chatbot Marketing: 6 Ways to Do It Right

6 Ways to Win at Facebook Chatbot Marketing

The potential to reach your audience through Facebook Messenger with chatbots is huge.


Facebook Messenger chatbots earn sky-high open rates, and you can use a chatbot to build your contact list, offer 24/7 customer service, qualify leads, and so much more.

Facebook Chatbot Marketing Tips

Here, discover six actionable ways to leverage your Facebook Messenger chatbot for more engagement today!

1. Send chat blasts to your contacts for 8X higher open rates!

Did you know that Facebook Messenger chat blasting generates up to 80 percent open rates?

Facebook Messenger chat blasting is the new-and-improved email marketing.

Whatever you can send out on email, you can send out on Messenger — you’ll just get 8X better open rates!

(Talk about unicorn ROI.)

2. Use Messenger chatbots to conduct surveys.

A new way to collect customer feedback and conduct surveys is through survey chatbots.

A survey chatbot allows you to send your customers surveys after making their download, purchase, registration, etc.

A chatbot survey can earn double (or even triple) conversions compared with other methods, like pop-up surveys or email surveys.


Chatbots make it easy — users can tap, tap, tap to complete the survey, on an app that they constantly use.

3. Equip your bot to complete purchases.

Customers prefer contacting brands through online chat and messaging apps because it’s more convenient and usually faster.

Equip your Facebook Messenger chatbot to take orders or complete purchases, all without your customers ever having to leave the app — this is a sure-fire way to increase your conversion rate.

The 1-800-Flowers chatbot, for example, prompts customers to order flowers or talk to support.

Customers can add the recipient’s name and address straight through Messenger, and the process is fast and easy — it cuts out extra steps, and customers are more satisfied.

4. Send out bite-size content: images, tips, how-to’s, etc.

In addition to chat blasting full articles and customer surveys, use your bot to send out bite-size content.

For example, a yoga brand could send out short mantras or inspirational quotes, or an animal shelter could send out brief animal care tips.

Think about the kinds of content that would be useful to your audience and deliver it through Messenger!

5. Use a Facebook post autoresponder.

Take your organic Facebook posts to the next level with a Facebook Messenger chatbot autoresponder.

When you put an autoresponder in place on a specific post, everyone who leaves a comment on the Facebook post will get a follow-up message from the bot you create.

It’s a great way to keep the conversation going and get more leverage out of a Facebook post.

And when the Facebook user responds to your message, they’ll automatically be added to your Facebook Messenger contacts, allowing you to send them messages forever after.

6. Streamline appointments, bookings, etc.

You can use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to make tasks like booking an appointment fun and intuitive.

For example, Kayak’s chatbot allows customers to plan their entire vacation without ever leaving Facebook Messenger.

Once its customers get started, Kayak’s bot asks if they are looking to book a hotel or a flight, or if they want to see more options.

The experience is interactive, the bot asking questions along the way and helping customers plan the perfect trip.

What kind of tasks do your customers complete when interacting with your business?

Whether it’s making a restaurant reservation, booking a hair appointment, or anything else, you can set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot to streamline the task.

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